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Our enterprise is up-to-date because we are able to show all customer requests in a three-dimensional presentation. So our customers can take a look at the design of their new piece of furniture before production starts. Furthermore already existing furniture can be simulated to give customers an idea how the new piece of furniture will fit into ambience.

With modern machines and latest technology, we are able to produce accurately fitting furniture in a resource-friendly way. Our furniture will be delivered and professionally assembled by our employees.


Our workshop works responsibly because we pay attention to our suppliers and their attitude and management of resources. It is our intention to use wood in a sustainable and long-term way. Therefore we exclusively use FSC-certified timber.
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Selected, high-quality material

We use FSC-certified timber only. So we support an environmentally acceptable, socially minded and economical cultivation of forests.

We produce for

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Private customers

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Commercial customers

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Industrial customers

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What we can do for you:

Consulting service and design
Production, delivery and assembly
Mounting and dismounting of your furniture
CAD-design and 3D-visualization
Restoration of furniture
Individual cutting of chipboards

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Contact us: +49(0)36703 / 719480

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